Judith & Hamnet

Let me tell you a story.
Our story.
The story of a brother and a sister born within the same hour,
with nothing that could have torn them apart.
The story of poems stolen from the lips of the wind,
of games made up by candlelight,
of dreams we invent to make ourselves bigger,
when really, we’re just scared of growing up.
It’s the story of two souls.
The story of love.
The story of grief.
The story of Judith and Hamnet.

by Victoria Baumgartner & Sam Veck
Teaser © Noe Ciompi

Fusing together poetry, comedy and dance, with mystery, fantasy and hard reality, Judith and Hamnet, an exciting new play by Sam Veck & Victoria Baumgartner follows the tale of Shakespeare’s own twins as they battle against the unfair world they’re thrown in.

Lausanne Shakespeare Festival
Foyer de la Grange de Dorigny
Saturday 2 June, 15h30

A 30-minute performance in English.

Will or Eight Lost Years of William Shakespeare’s Life

At The Rose Playhouse, Bankside, London
27th March – 21st April 2018
Tuesdays – Saturdays 7.30 pm
3.00 pm Sunday 8th and 15th only

England, 1585. The young Will Shakespeare is living in the peaceful town of Stratford-upon-Avon, in the heart of England with his newlywed wife, Anne. But something’s missing. He’s dreaming of prophecies, rough magic and words no one is able to find. As he starts following these dreams, life takes him on a journey, from under the protection of an immensely rich Lord to nights in brawl taverns with travelling actors. But Elizabethan England is not an easy place to thrive…
Find out the story of how Will became William Shakespeare through this play bursting with echoes to his future works, in between fantasies and reality.

We are proud to announce that the play has been nominated for two Offies – Off West End Awards: Best Director for Victoria Baumgartner and Best Male in a Supporting Role for Ronnie Yorke.





Sam Veck – William Shakespeare
Katherine Moran – Anne Shakespeare
Beatrice Lawrence – Olivia Burbage
Ronnie Yorke – Richard Burbage
Charlie Woodward –  Earl of  Southampton / Christopher Marlowe / Gravedigger
Karolina Luisoni – Costumes
Ruth Hunduma – Assistant director
Noémy Menyhart – Communication
Unfolds Theatre – Production

The Rose Playhouse, Bankside’s first theatre, 1587.

The Rose Playhouse, on Bankside, is standing over the archaeological excavation of the eponymous Elizabethan playhouse. For years its rival was the Globe, just across the street. Shakespeare himself has played there, and been in the audience countless times. The continuous support of the Rose’s Trust and the it’s director, Pepe Pryke, have helped to preserve this historical treasure since its unearthing in 1989. We could not have dreamt of a better space to perform the English version of Will, and are looking forward to hearing the play and the characters of this story, who walked and breathed here 400 years ago, echo in this powerful and highly symbolic theatre.

We would like to thank the following institutions for their support –


Judith & Hamnet

Victoria Baumgartner in Vertigo on Swiss national radio RTS – La 1ère pto talk about the Lausanne Shakespeare Festival and Judith & Hamnet!

Will – EN version

⭐️⭐️⭐️ The Stage
“Baumgartner’s firm belief in the power of poetry and well-placed emotional beats make Will a strangely fascinating work.”

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ London Theatre 1
“Everything about this show shouts top draw, top quality, top stuff.”
“An engrossing play which over the course of eighty minutes (eight years in eighty minutes) does what Lord Reith declared ought to be the mission of the BBC: to inform, educate and entertain.”

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ The Spy in the Stalls
“Sam Veck, as Shakespeare, is a revelation.”
“A top notch cast”
“delighfully clever yet beguiling and moving”

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Everything Theatre
“very well written, seamless and captivating”
“Just like any Shakespeare play, it is full of comedy and tragedy, and touches on universal and eternal themes”
“Ronnie Yorke is exceptionally funny (I mean, really laugh out loud funny) as Richard Burbage.”

Will – FR version


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Will & co is a theatre company founded by Victoria Baumgartner creating poetic, generous shows full of adventure. Most of the time, they have something to do with William Shakespeare.

Victoria Baumgartner is a Swiss-Ukrainian writer, director and actress. She has an MA in Shakespearean studies from the University of Lausanne, a diploma of dramaturgy from the Manufacture (Western Switzerland’s Acting School) and Acting Shakespeare training from LAMDA. Her play On the dawn of the fourth day won the « Six short plays looking for writers » contest. For the Swiss-French version of Will, she received the Swiss writer’s guild national SSA / KTV-ATP 2017 bursary for dramatic writing. She was nominated by the Offies – Off West End Awards as Best Director for the English version of Will.